IN ORder that the cells may be visible under the microscope with all the necessary details   up to a certain magnification, we need to color them with specific dyes that change the transparency of the specimen and blocks the  photons from the light source to penetrating the transparent specimen. That produces a differential  dark and lighted area corresponding to the organelles that has taken  absorbed the stain. The stain is is the compound that is obtained either chemically or can be obtained from natural sources like  haematoxylin is obtained from the plant Caesalpinia  spinosa and there are different types of hematoxylin, like Mayers Hematoxylin, Delafield’s HEmatoxylin etc. However , haematoxylin  cannot be used directly as it is not actually a dye but has to be ripened  (or oxidized to hematin ) by different processes.The section after bluing is counter stained with eosin.


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