• Cells larger than eukaryotes with distinct nucleus, nuclear membrane,
• Chromosome is present as nuclear reticulum
• Membrane bound cellular organelles like mitochondria, Golgi, plastids present
• Ribosomes are usually attached with E.R. cytoplasm with movement.
• Presence of splicing of mechanism
• Ribosome granules are 60S and 40s, jointly 80s
• Mitotic apparatus present
• Multistranded flagella with (9+2)orientation present
• DNA with histone proteins
• Presence of nickase enzyme that cuts mRNA
• Cell reproduction occurs by mitosis and meiosis



  1. Dear Kalyan,
    I have worked my way around the different articles that you have wrriten and it is nice to see clear bullet-points on a particular topic – I believe this will be particularly useful for students who need a quick summary of the area under discussion.I would encourage you to include more pictures, if possible but otherwise well done! It will be interesting to see how far both of us progress over the next twelve months so keep writing…

    Best wishes,


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