Throughout  the seventeenth century, different scientists  have tried to make  their own observations  on the structure , function, and the origin of cells. Workers like Nehemiah Grew (1672), to Turpin (1826) were of opinion that  all living things are made of cells and they are organized into tissues, with each cell having a sufficiency in its own structure and function. Besides, the discovery of the nucleolus by Wagner ((1832), protoplasm  by Purkinjee (1839) provided a new insight to the cell as described by Robert Hooke
However , all of the different facets of the cells origin, structure and function gradually came to be amalgamated into the cell theory as proposed by Mathias J Schleiden (1838) and Theodore Schwann (1839)  and  it eventually brought to light the cell theory in 1839.
The basic points of cell theory are as follows

  • All living organisms are made of cell or cells
  • Each cell has its own independent functional capacity
  • Each cell originates from a preexisting cell
  • Each cell is  a carrier of the genetic material
  • Cells are the structural and functional unit of a living system
  • The properties of  an organism is dependent on the properties if the cells that make it

However , the concept of presence of  origin of  cells from preexisting cells was strongly  advocated by Virchow in 1855


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