So what is a cell?

To start with, the cell as we obtain it from the cell theory , is perhaps the most important structure that allows our primary inter-phase with the intricacies of the biological world, the complexities in form and function, but the mere reduction in size ,yet forming  the building block for a human with trillions of cells.

So how do you define a cell?

In a nutshell it can be defined as the unit   of the living system or as an unit that makes up the living body. But if one is a little careful to provide a holistic or  complete  definition ,then he or she might want to say that it is

protoplasmic mass  bounded by a plasma membrane with cytoplasmic organelles and nucleus with DNA (except mature Red blood cells ), that can perform all physiological activities of survival and reproduce(except nerve cells).


One thought on “So what is a cell?

  1. The definition of cell, has been posing a difficulty as most of the definitions are incomplete and not upto the mark, but this one is fantastic and written in a comprehensive manner. Laudible Effort!

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